The best stories are the unlikely ones. 

It takes a lot to create something new. It takes hustle, commitment, fortitude and maybe a little luck to build anything great. You have to learn along the way and you have to be singularly driven by the desire to do it. If you get it right, every long day at work can feel like Saturday.

We believe that is what entrepreneurship is all about. It has never been more possible to take fate into your hands and run your own business. For an ever-growing section of the population, working for others is simply not the best way to true economic mobility anymore. For those who want to solve their community's biggest problems and create a lasting impact, there is no better way than through entrepreneurship. It's an unlikely path, but for those who are willing, it can be the best decision of their life.


Welcome to The Unlikely Company. We are building a community of like-minded people to provide value for anyone looking to carve their own path through entrepreneurship. We're just getting started. The best way to participate right now would be to sign up for our weekly letter and check out the new videos as we release them. Please give us any feedback or questions you may have.

Remember, to dare is to do.

Marcus Whitney & Jacob Jones