What is The Unlikely Company?

The Unlikely Company is a Public Benefit Corporation based in Nashville, Tennessee.

We believe that the unlikely entrepreneurs will be the key to solving society's biggest problems. We believe income inequality and economic immobility are among the most serious problems facing our society today. We exist to develop entrepreneurs who will have an opportunity to close the income inequality gap while creating businesses that will address our society‚Äôs biggest problems. 

As with many great ideas, The Unlikely Co was born amongst family and friends. Marcus's mother continued to inspire him and nurture his urge to educate new entrepreneurs. 

We need more entrepreneurs.  

Entrepreneurship is a way of operating and thinking. We believe it can exist in the private and public sector. We believe there are many ambitious, creative rebels who must harness entrepreneurship in order for our society to tackle its biggest problems and we dedicate ourselves to this pursuit. 

What is a Public Benefit Corporation?

You may not have seen a company before that has PBC at the end. PBC stands for Public Benefit Corporation. What this basically means is that even though The Unlikely Company is a for profit corporation (S Corp to the IRS), it is in our charter that we exist for the purpose of providing a public benefit or public good. I believe in this structure for companies seeking to do good in the world because it means the company can maintain a profit motive for its own sustainability (as opposed to dependence on donations), but is committed to doing good at its foundation.

The Unlikely Company exists to develop, mentor and eventually invest in the Unlikely Entrepreneurs.